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steve rogers x reader angst peggy By. Enjoy!! May 01, 2021 · steve rogers x reader. Despite everything finally going back to normal, you seem to be falling in the opposite direction. Summary: You and Steve get married and he is really rude to you. I can’t take complete credit for how terrible this is though. W/C: 5. Steve Rogers is a workaholic CEO who, in order to escape the family's insistence that he have a serious relationship, invents a fake bride. Jan 30, 2020 · angel spidey steve rogers captain america steve x reader steve x reader angst steve x you steve rodgers x reader steve rogers x you captain america x you captain america x reader fanfiction stark!reader natasha romanov black widow endgame tony stark tony stark sister Ironman Avengers fam avengers endgame marvel fanfic marvel fanfic mcu me The Shape of Grief - Masterlist. Word Count: 3,598. Illusions masterlist. Warnings : Loss of best friend/loved one. Warnings: ANGST and whole lot of it . – Requested by Anonymous. Genre: angst, fluff. Dec 15, 2020 · Marvel : Steve Rogers x reader, Steve Rogers x Sharon Carter . The scent of floral and Elmwood surrounding the place. warnings || 18+ minors dni, spoilers in Jun 24, 2021 · Steve whispered between the soft kisses, lightly grabbing his sons face to make him look up at him. Word Count : 2328 . Pairing: Steve Rogers x OC. warnings || 18+ minors dni, fluff!!, angst!!, flashbacks, mentions of sebastian stan, an adorable cliche. Warnings: ANGST!! - This part might have actually broken my heart :’ (. summary: steve dances with the ghost of you. Seeing Bucky When He Comes Home From War. Rawhide Masterlist // Main Masterlist. A/N: oh BOY i love writing angst - especially steve angst. Steve gave his son a soft smile, and another sob left the boy’s lips. With or without a man. Chapter 3. Also, I feel like if you’re an avenger with regular check ups, that’s how you’d find out you’re pregnant. He didn’t cheat, but he might just well have. Summary: Reader is pegg’s granddaughter and when she dies, reader has to organise her funeral where she meets Steve. Language. Part-1 Part-2. May 29, 2021 · The Day You Stopped Loving Me. It is the shape of you in the doorway you will never pass through. Warnings: ANGST and loads of it! Author’s note: This is my AU of Steve’s final Pym jump from End Game _____ The silence reminded him of the nights during the War. You begin to wonder if he truly is happy with you, as it seems Nov 19, 2021 · Steve Rogers x Ex!reader. Sometimes you would bite to hard and your lip would start bleeding, it stung but it wasn’t that big of a Steve Rogers. an | i didn’t actually plan to write this and i actually wanted to leave this fic with just the first part. Warning: None. Rating: PG. In this amazing (ok maybe not amazing) fourth installment, we see our favorite 90-somethings try to get free pancakes on veterans day, attend a formal event, amongst other thrilling (ok maybe more like domestic) things. All you wanted was some closure about why Steve was always comparing you to her, but once you meet her and actually had May 12, 2021 · Avengers Endgame : Steve Rogers x reader. The continued adventures of Peggy, Steve, Bucky being in the future for timey-wimey reasons. Genres: Angst, hurt reader, reader’s death. “I got the files, but I’m kinda in a mess. Before it does though, all she asks of Steve is a trip through time. word count: 1. Every single one of them showed me smiling into the camera while my boyfriend Steve looked at me with a look of absolute love and adoration. Warnings: swearing, Steve swearing in particular, angst, Mark being a d!ck. Steve Rogers x reader, Peggy Carter x Steve Rogers. criesinlies asked: hi love. NOTE: takes place AFTER Infinity War but BEFORE Endgame. Summary | Steve returns back to the present from being with Peggy to reclaim what he has lost. Apr 20, 2021 · steve rogers steve rogers angst steve rogers x female reader captain america captain america angst chris evans chris evans angst cevans mcu marvel angst imagines marvel cinematic universe 394 notes Apr 20th, 2021 Aug 11, 2021 · A wee bit of angst. what happens when reader leaves him a drunk voicemail telling him how she feels? laundry day (fluff, flirting) May 19, 2021 · steve rogers masterlist steve rogers captain america steve rogers fanfiction steve rogers x reader captain america fanfiction captain america x reader steven grant rogers avengers mcu marvel marvel fanfiction steve rogers drabble steve rogers headcanon steve rogers x y/n steve rogers reader insert steve rogers imagines steve rogers one shots Run Boy Run- Steve x Reader(f) Authors Notes: Okay, I’m sorry. Because of Peggy Carter (Steve X Reader) You and Steve have reached a rough patch in your relationship. Telling Steve You Will Invite Him Over For Christmas If He Can Beat You In Combat. Tony Stark. Hydra Freezing You, Like They Did Bucky Because You Were Steve’s Fiancé & A Mutant. Archive; RSS; 601 notes. I can’t do this. also in the works is a mob!bucky x reader, the first chapter can be found here! happy reading! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Oct 25, 2017 · Pairing: (Steve Rogers x Gender Neutral Reader) Warnings: Angst, Breakups, Summary: This is for @nataliarxmanxva ‘s “Season’s Change Writing Challenge” and my prompt was “But I brought flowers!” A/N: I hope you like it! I know it’s short but I’m actually quite proud of it. The cold air’s embrace smoothened her as she stood outside on the balcony, gazing up at the star riddled sky, wondering if somewhere up there, there was a twinkle that looked down at her with fondness. author’s note. Taking Things Slow. Summary: You and Steve have been together for a few years, and you’re madly in love with the soldier, but after Peggy’s passing in CACW, Steve begins bringing her and his life in the ‘40′s up more often than you’re comfortable with. Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Featuring: Peggy Carter Word count: 2640 words Warnings: angst, death and a funeral Tags: none. You could only wish he treated you delicately like he did with that compass. Notes: I felt like crying while reading this so I’m sorry if it happens the same to you. 8k May 23, 2020 · Remember Us - Steve Rogers x Black reader - 2. Before, after, it doesn’t matter. Jul 03, 2021 · pairing — boxer!steve rogers x fem!reader . AshtonWinchester. wc — 6. Being Steve’s Sweetheart & Your Photo Being In His Compass. Summary: For you, there were two important timelines in your life. Obviously it wasn't anyone's fault, Steve has been stressed from missions and you have been pulling long hours at the hospital, since your a doctor. Summary: Your recklessness ends in injury and it worries Steve. Originally posted by permissiontospeakfreely1994 Steve Rogers Military Training Scenes and Flag Pole - Camp Lehigh - Agent Peggy Carter - Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Movie CLIP HD [1080p]TM & #chris evans masterlist #steve rogers x reader #dark fic #steve rogers imagine #ransom drysdale x reader #ransom drysdale imagine #robert pronge x reader #rober pronge imagine #bryce langley x reader #bryce langley imagine #colin shea x reader #colin shea imagine Jun 11, 2019 · Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader. Summary: You were fighting Thanos side by side with the Avengers. ” Jul 29, 2020 · Steve Rogers X Reader Masterlist I publish my works in Spanish and English. Word count: 1. Being Tony’s Little Sister. ” “I’m pregnant. Sep 09, 2017 · I’m Not Her (Steve x Reader)- Part 2. ” “You’re gonna come back right?”I asked Steve as I followed his threw the Tower,”I don’t know babe,We don’t know how this is going to end. Aug 25, 2021 · Pairing:- Steve Rogers x Reader. Having no-one to turn to, you decide to try and lead a life of your own away from “Superhero” persona you were labelled with not too long ago. Sep 09, 2017 · I’m Not Her (Steve x Reader)- Part 1. Everything: A Steve Rogers x Reader One-Shot Usually, Steve is too exhausted from missions to dream. Words: Warnings: Angst, get those tissues ready - “See you in a minute. Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader Characters: Reader/You, Steve Rogers, OMC. 20K Views. Bad relationship issues. One day she decides to confess and when she does Steve is lost for words, thinking he doesn’t like her she runs into her room and stays there for days and grows distant towards Steve. pairing: steve rogers x reader. Just Let Me In (Steve Rogers x Reader) Summary: A year after what was supposed to be the reader’s due date. 1 day ago · Steve rogers x reader he insults you. 186 Favourites. The first day you joined the Avengers, Tony had warned you Dec 27, 2019 · I have one with Steve, angst w fluff ending, where maybe the reader thinks Steve’s heart still belongs to Peggy do she rather break up with him than hurt herself and he has like zero idea why she is been so cold and avoiding him, but at the end he assures her she is the love of his life. Aug 23, 2021 · pairings || steve rogers x f!reader, brief mentions of howard stark x reader summary || you take bruce to see the time machine, steve wants you all to himself. May 18, 2020 · Series Masterlist. you had started your acting career at the age of fifteen, in nineteen ninty six, your first big role was . There was before Steve and after Steve. Summary: They say blood is thicker than water but what if that blood is all bad blood? Cassia was not going to her cousin’s wedding. Aug 07, 2015 · (Pre-Serum Steve Rogers x Reader) Deviation Actions. AN: I got the idea for this story randomly one day and it pained me so much that I wrote it so I could share the angst with you all. It's a modern Bucky x reader fic, reader used to be married to Steve but he was cheating with Peggy and he left reader because Peggy's pregnant, reader gets really depressed, Bucky tries to help her and she tells him she's also pregnant so Bucky goes to Steve new home with Peggy and punches him and tell him that he's done with their friendship. ”Just be safe okay?I Oct 17, 2021 · anchor ↳ the one where he keeps his promises ++ sequel to promises pairing | steve rogers x doctor! reader. Based on this request. A/N:- I know this isn’t the best but it is inspired by the song ’Pachtaoge. Word count : 289. summary. 0:00. steve rogers realizes that his love for you is unparalleled, but when he chooses to return to you by the lake, he receives a certain visit from the time variance authority. | Soft!Daddy!Steve Rogers (A1) x Little!Reader. “sam, y/n” bucky called pulling us out of our panicked states. but after some thinking, i guess Steve owes our dear Reader an explanation after DYING for like 1 whole year Blog Tools. You heard Natasha yell trough the comms. You both get hurt but your always-taking-care-of-everyone personality kicks in, making you completely Request: Can you do one with Steve where the reader has a bad habit of biting her lip and it bugs steve? Thanks x Words: 581 Warnings: None Ever since you were little you’ve had a horrible habit of biting your lip! When you were nervous, scared or even if you saw somebody that was cute. sorry, i hope this is a decent fanfic also this fic contains endgame spoilers and is Characters/relationships: Steve Rogers x Bruce Banner’s younger sister!Reader, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff Bruce Banner. Y/n and Steve was such a pair. Summary: Agent 16 or also known to her close family and friends, Y/N, has been one of SHEILD’s top and most trusted agent for the last 5 year s. 9k. Genre : Angst, tiny bit of fluff. Warnings: Angst and fluff. Warnings:- pregnancy, infidelity, poorly written, angst, implied major death. Injury, bullets. And when the family shows up by surprise and catches him with the employee he brought home drunk and passed out last night, he decides to make her a proposal: that Natasha pretend to be his fake bride. I feel like Steve went through so much, he deserves the world! So a little fluff and angst are in order. Oct 02, 2021 · stucky x reader ⤿ masterlist “keys; fluff // angst ⁂ // nsfw ☾ // crack ☆ // n/a ” SERIES“we deserved better; through the years of love, trauma and Oct 08, 2018 · Steve Rogers x reader . He’s practically unconscious when he falls asleep after a week of being away. Read Natsu x Reader [Angst] from the story Fairy Tail x Reader One-shots by Katherine_Writes (Katherine) with 3,040 reads. He only wished he had you when he didn’t have her. Pairing: Reader x Steve Rogers, mention of Steve Rogers x Sharon Carter, slight Bucky x Reader. May 10, 2021 · goodbye. Going through all the photos in my apartment I let the tears fall down my face. April 7, 2020 Just Let Me In (Steve Rogers x Reader) Summary: A year after what was supposed to be the reader’s due date. Author’s note - Angst, you might wanna curse me at the end. Add to Favourites. Jul 20, 2020 · What Could Have Been (A Steve Rogers AU) (Post-endgame) 2023. Comment. A/N : -Keep reading Nov 22, 2020 · Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader. 1K. Keep reading X anorexic reader. steve rogers x reader angst peggy